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The Mega Mixer algorithm is designed to match you with your ideal connections. Then our website helps you connect and interact with them online and enable a powerful in-person meet-up at our local event.

Are you an early adopter? Mega Mixer is currently in beta and is limited to beta users in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. If you’d like to join our waiting list click the sign up button at the top of this page. This action will not only add you to our wait list for access to the Mega Mixer site but also add you to the list for the upcoming Mega Mixer Live event.

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Mega Mixer is here to help you network effectively. We curate our membership and match you to the best connections at an event. We provide professional networking resources to make it easy to meet, connect and build business relationships. Join our community today to be the first to know about our upcoming live events and take advantage of our early adopter discounts.



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